The Company maintains parent flocks of different breeds i.e. Hubbard, Cobb, Arbor Acres and Ross. Yearly placements exceed 1.5 million parent female in 21 most modern breeding farms with state-of-the-art facilities. Latest farms are equipped with environmentally controlled systems like SKOV (Denmark), Drinking and fogging Systems from Lubing and Ziggity, Fans from Munter (Italy) or chore-time. The foreign suppliers monitor these systems on regular basis as per the service level agreements (SLA’s). These farms are located in ideal places from climatic, hygienic and bio-security point of view.

Farms are managed most efficiently by highly trained and experienced staff and monitored with well-equipped Lab. Best equipment with best practices help to achieve highest standard of immunity, maximum livability and in return high levels of performance. All eggs produced on these farms are transported in Company’s environment controlled vehicles to its hatcheries located in different parts of the country, for incubation.

The breeder flocks are vaccinated against all prevailing poultry diseases thus the eggs produced are free from Mycoplasma and Salmonella, with high maternally derived antibories. To ensure flock health, antibody titres are monitored regularly on monthly basis. The chicks produced are sold to farmers via a marketing team of staff backed by technical services experts, to help and guide the farmers at every stage. There are more than 75 chick master multistage machines installed, producing on an average 9 million chicks per month.