We are Pakistan’s leading vertically integrated ISO 22000:2005 FSMS and HACCP Certified Private Limited Company, operating in Poultry sector since last 41 years. We are keen to join hands with you and to supply Hatching & Table Eggs through exports. Please guide the steps required, to reach to an MOU with your company as suppliers. You are also welcome to visit our production facility (Breeding Farms) in Pakistan, anytime at your convenience, to see our system and management and to audit it for compliance with your standards. Looking forward to hear from you on the matter, at your earliest.

Contact Person: Asif Mehboob, DVM (Manager Exports, Compliance & Certifications)

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Table Eggs

Eggs are an integral part of the food, globally. It can rightly be said that irrespective of culture, geography and culinary preference, we all start our day and kick it off with “Sunny Side Up” In fact egg is the only food that can not be adulterated as its confined & controlled safely inside the shell. The significance of including eggs in the diet can be guessed with the fact that the developed nations consume more than 370 Eggs per capita per annum. Unfortunately, people in developing world are bound & tied in taboos, myths and false sayings, that affect their food and nutrition adversely. For example, the Cholesterol myth” etc

As a total solution provider to your target market, you can add any or few or all of the below presentations of Eggs:-

    • Trays of 30 Eggs,open without shrink wrap, packed in corrugated box of 360 Eggs.
    • Trays of 30 Eggs, packed and Shrink-Wrapped total 180 Eggs in a corrugated box
    • Consumer branded boxes, 12 eggstotal 300 eggs in branded corrugated box
    • Consumer branded box, 06 Eggsin box, total 300 eggs in corrugated box
    • Same are available with DHA / Omega-3 Fortified Eggs.

Additionally, we can label the brand as per your advice and preference. You can also give us the design of any particular label and we can release the batch with that particular branding. All Table Eggs are laid at our own Laying Farms, that are ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System FSM and HACCP and Halal Certified.At Sadiq Poultry Pvt. Ltd we have around 2.5 million laying birds, housed in state of the art environment controlled farms.

Table Eggs are stamped with Best Before and Traceability codes, with permanent Food Grade ink. The salmonella free status is also ascertained. The Eggs are laid on conveyor belts and are graded with automatic MOBA Egg Grading Robotics. The slightest of egg shell deformity or hairline crack is marked by the intricate cameras in the machines and any blood clot inside the egg is scanned and such Eggs are taken out in rejection.We monitor the flocks and production against Salmonella and we are humbly claiming to be in compliance with the internationally defined standards in this regards.

The international quality packing would be Corrugated Fiber Board, with 2 flutes 5 ply, with an inner coating for water proofing. The Fresh paper pulp trays of Eggs, or branded consumer boxes are carefully packed and sealed in each box, in compliance with the food safety standards and the Eggs are free of any physical, chemical or biological hazard.As we have our own production, we don’t need to outsource from other suppliers, thus the quality remains constant.

There is no issue of bad odour or putrified smell in the Table Eggs, after cooking. The eggs are shipped freshly laid. That above been said, please note that we offer you the best possible price quote. We only export Large Size Egg, and in a 40 Feet container, we dispatch 931 Boxes.

Hatchable Eggs

Sadiq Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd produce Hatching Eggs from HACCP (Codex Alimentarious) Certified Breeding Farms. You can purchase the Hatching Eggs of 4 leading Breeds, including Ross-308, Cobb-500, Hubbard Classic and Arbor Acres, as per your choice and requirement.

The detailed specifications of our Hatching Eggs Exports Shipments are below:-

    • Color = Breed Specific off White
    • Graded By = Manual / MOBA Robotics (if so desired)
    • Traceability Code on individual egg: Yes, if required
    • Temperature Data Loggers: Yes (optional)
    • Shell = Intact, no hairline crack
    • Weight / Egg= 55-65 Grams
    • Egg Trays: Recycled Paper, free of any plastic / LDPE/HDPE/PET
    • Carton Box = 360 Eggs / Box, packed in Paper trays each 30
    • Carton Strength / Burst Test: 1269 kpa
    • Vertical Stacking / Load bearing of Box:344 kg
    • Edge Crush Test of Box:49 kgf/m
    • Bulk Packing: Cling Film, Skids of 24 Boxes Wrapped firmly
    • Airline Packing: PMC with 5 skids each (120 Boxes / PMC)
    • Breeds = ROSS-308, Cobb 500, Hubbard Classic, Arbors Acres (as per demand)
    • Average Parent Flock Age = 30-48 Weeks
    • Hatchability = Not less than 80% following standard hatching Principles (below 80% may be entitled to claim)
    • Breakage= Less than 1%  (above 1% would be compensated)
    • Artificial Insemination of PS: Yes, selection / Exclusion of AI Flock (if desired)
    • Eggs Age at Shipment = Less than 72 Hours
    • Disease Free Status = Salmonella, Mycoplasma & Avian Influenza
    • Certifications = HACCP Codex Alimentarious & Halal PS-3733
    • Number of flocks for a Batch of Eggs = 1 or maximum 2 (in case of larger Shipment exceeding 500 Boxes) 

Our payment terms are 100% cash, payable in advance, in US $.

For 3rd party branding, Sadiq Poultry Pvt. Ltd Pakistan offer to label the outer boxes as per customers’ advice and preference, if so required. You can share the design of any particular label and we shall release the batch with your brand name. All Hatching Eggs are laid at our HACCP Codex and halal PS-3733 Certified.

Please find attached herewith our Company Profile in English and Arabic, as our Corporate Introduction.

Striving hard for global food safety and security – Sadiq Poultry