Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited is amongst the biggest and fastest growing Poultry Groups in Pakistan with a vision to cater the customer needs with products conforming to global standards.

Through its founder’s vision, strategic direction and unwavering commitment, the Sadiq Poultry Private Limited has emerged as Pakistan’s premium Poultry Company with a diversified national business portfolio.

SB Poultry came into existence around 4 decades ago, as a small family concern of Dr. Muhammad Sadiq which is laterally merged in Sadiq Group in 2004 and Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited is also incorporated as part of Sadiq Group in 2004 with Trade Mark of SB. Over the years it has made phenomenal growth to become one of the leading Poultry Industry in Pakistan and evolved into a historic driven set up involving 6000 families directly and around 300,000, indirectly.

Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited produce day old chicks in Hatcheries, Fresh chicken meat in Broiler farms, Fresh table eggs in Layer farms, Organic fertilizer in composit plant and environment friendly eggs trays in egg tray plant.

Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited Head office is in Rawalpindi and having sales offices network in all major cities of Pakistan and also a diversifying network of agents/ dealers in all towns of the country.

The capital strength of the Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited is well known in Pakistan and abroad with annual turnover exceeding Pak Rupees 26 Billion (258 Million US$) in 2012-13.


The history of Sadiq Poultry Private Limited is the history of commercial poultry in Pakistan itself. The journey of the company started from a small broiler farm, but has since then expanded and diversified to become one of the leading poultry industry in the country, now operating Poultry Breeding Units, Commercial Egg Production Layer units, Broiler Production, Paper pulp tray production plant, Organic Fertilizer Plants and Poultry Hatcheries.

The business was started by Dr. Muhammad Sadiq and his two brothers in Partnership as “Sadiq Brothers Poultry (SB Poultry)” with expansion as Jadeed Poultry Farms, a sister concern, years later. Then all businesses were merged into Sadiq Brothers and finally were shifted and divided into private limited companies in 2004.

Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited is incorporated as a Part of Sadiq Group.

Establishment Timeline

YEAR - 2004

The Company Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited was incorporated, which was formerly known as SB Poultry. Lab is upgraded.

YEAR - 2010 & 2011

Construction of broiler production units started, first broiler birds production started in late 2011.

YEAR - 2011 & 2012

Planning and ground breaking of Pakistan’s Layer Cage System setup at Chakri.

YEAR - 2013 & 2014

Pakistan Largest Four Layer Cage system setup equipped with latest Moba Automatic Egg Grading Machines is launched in Chakri, with capacity of 2.20 million Layer birds producing 2.00 million high quality hygienic and healthy table eggs per day.

YEAR - 2015

Planning and ground breaking of Pakistan’s largest single stage hatchery at Chakri, Construction of Egg tray Plant is also started at Chakri.

YEAR - 2016

Pakistan Largest Hatchery “Sadiq Poultry Hatchery” commissioning and production started.