Waste management in general and solid waste in particular is a basic block of any successful industrial operation in the world; treatment (processing) of solid waste especially plays a pivotal role in management and up keeping of overall environment of the nature. Though waste management is seldom observed in various industries but Sadiq Brothers Group Companies a biggest and renowned poultry farms keenly manage its waste streams according to the environmental standards of Pakistan. Sadiq brothers group of companies operates its hatcheries; feed mills; breeder, broiler and layer farms throughout of the country according to the world standards and procedures of environmental management.

The solid waste management at the farms of Sadiq brothers group of companies is a “must do activity” of the routine daily operations at the farms as collection; transportation; preprocessing; inoculation; mixing and pulverization of decomposing materials to produced a most stabilized compost product. SB Organic Fertiliser conduct the composting process in a semi controlled state of the art Japanese plants to stabilize chicken dropping generated from different caged layer farms of the group. The finished product (compost) which is technically a low grade bio-organic fertilizer contain a stabilized organic matter; micro nutrients; soil, plant environmentally friendly microbes and low units of nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium. Compost product conditions the overall soil environment to ameliorate its nutrients; top up organic matter; enhance microbial activities in the soil; conserved water, inorganic and mineral fertilizers by biological bonding and ion exchange biochemical reactions in the soils. Without organic matter and microbes in compost; chemical & mineral fertilizers either get volatile in the air, leech down in the soil or mere accumulated in the soil as a blocked form.